Penelope: Hello, Blake.

Drake: It's Drake. Drake Bell?

Penelope: Don't care. What is it you do on Amanda's show?

Drake: A lot of things! I'm one of the co-stars. Sometimes I play Totally Kyle. Hey, you know, I'm also in a band --

Penelope: You're wasting my life. What were the first words Amanda ever said to you?

Drake: I dunno, "Hi," I suppose.

Penelope: You're a lucky boy. Someday she'll say hi to me too. And then I'll go unconscious, please. Steak, have you ever written a fan letter to Amanda?

Drake: I told you, it's Drake. And no, I haven't. Oh, but I gave her a card on her birthday!

Penelope: I sent her 28 cards on her birthday, please. I make my very own Amandaplease website, it's excellent. Does anyone make a Blakeplease website?

Drake: No, not yet. My name is Drake.