Penelope: Hello, camera person.

Camera Operator: Hi.

Penelope: You actually get paid to look at actual Amanda for several hours a day. How do you feel about this?

Camera Operator: Well, I like getting paid, and I like Amanda, so I guess I'd have to say I feel pretty good about it.

Penelope: Do you fight with the other camera persons over who gets to shoot the close-ups of Amanda?

Camera Operator: No, I can't say we've ever fought over a close-up. Actually, the director of the show decides which cameras take which shots, so fighting over it wouldn't really help that much.

Penelope: I would fight over it and win, please. Moving on. Do you like zooming in or zooming out on Amanda better?

Camera Operator: Wow, you ask some interesting questions.

Penelope: Respond, please.

Camera Operator: Zooming in. How's that?

Penelope: Acceptible. Do you have extra footage of Amanda that I may not have viewed?

Camera Operator: Well, I operate the camera, but I don't actually keep the tapes. Sorry.

Penelope: Not as sorry as I, sir.

Camera Operator: Does security know you're here?

Penelope: Why ask it? Fare thee well, please.