Penelope: Describe Amanda's gums please.

Well they're healthy gums certainly, Amanda takes care of her gums. And healthy gums are happy gums, so I'd say they're healthy, happy gums.

Penelope: Which is your favorite tooth in Amanda's head and why?

Dentist: I don't know that I have a favorite, I try to treat all teeth equally. Although if I remember correctly Amanda does have what look to be particularly incisive incisors.

Penelope: Have you ever caused Amanda any pain, and if so, how could you do that to her?

Dentist: As a dentist it's my job to make sure that my patients have the healthiest teeth and gums possible--sometimes, the procedures necessary to accomplish this can be slightly painful. But I always do my best to make sure that the patient is as comfortable as possible, and that goes for Amanda, too.

Penelope: Do you feel nervous taking care of such famous teeth?

Dentist: Amanda's teeth don't know they're famous, so no, I don't feel nervous.

Penelope: How many fillings does she have?

Dentist: Amanda doesn't have any fillings--she has very healthy teeth.

Penelope: Do you have any x-rays of Amanda's actual teeth I can have?

Dentist: I do have x-rays of Amanda's teeth, but she would have to agree for me to release them to you.

Penelope: What is it like to see Amanda spit?

Dentist: When you're a dentist, spit's not a big deal, no matter whose it is.

Penelope: Where's Amanda?

Dentist: Um, I don't know.