Penelope: When you were pregnant, you actually got to have Amanda inside your belly for nine months. Do you miss it?

Amanda's Mom: Yes, I miss all the activity!!

Penelope: Are your friends who had babies jealous that you had Amanda and they didn't?

Amanda's Mom: I don't think they knew my tummy contents would turn out to be so talented.

Penelope: When did you realize your daughter was the greatest human being on the planet?

Amanda's Mom: When you e-mailed me and told me, Penelope.

Penelope: Did you do anything special when you were pregnant to make Amanda so talented?

Amanda's Mom: I ate a lot of peanut butter.

Penelope: Can I live with you and Amanda and call you Mom like she does?

Amanda's Mom: No.

Penelope: What is Amanda's favorite condiment?

Amanda's Mom: Sugar.

Penelope: How much allowance does Amanda get?

Amanda's Mom: $5.00 a week

Penelope: What was Amanda's first word?

Amanda's Mom: Da Da

Penelope: Where's Amanda?

Amanda's Mom: You just missed her...she just left.