Penelope: Hello, Prop Person.

Prop Man: Hello.

Penelope: So, you are the person who makes all the props for the Amanda

Prop Man: Well, I have some help, but I oversee the Prop Dept.

Penelope: I would like all the props, please.

Prop Man: I'm glad you like them, but I'm not allowed to give them away. We need them for the show.

Penelope: You're wasting my life. How often do you speak to Amanda?

Prop Man: A few times a week, I guess. Um...I thought you were going to ask me questions about making props?

Penelope: Very well, please. How long have made props for "The Amanda Show"?

Prop Man: Well, I made all the props for the whole first season, and before I worked on "The Amanda Show" I made props for—

Penelope: Don't care. Where's Amanda?

Prop Man: I don't know where she is right now.

Penelope: Interview complete. Thank you, please.