Penelope: Who are you, please?

Teacher: I'm Dan. Amanda's teacher.

Penelope: What is it like teaching someone smarter than you?

Teacher: It's a challenge.

Penelope: What is Amanda's favorite subject?

Teacher: I would have to say art.

Penelope: Have you ever considered starting a business where you sell Amanda's old tests?

Teacher: No, do you know anybody who'd actually buy them?

Penelope: Duh, please. Did Amanda stick any of her gum under her desk?

Teacher: I don't think so.

Penelope: Then can I have the desk?

Teacher: I think she'll need the desk.

Penelope: What does Amanda write with?

Teacher: What does she write with? A pencil.

Penelope: Good. I will only write with a pencil from now on, please. Where's Amanda?

Teacher: I'd really prefer not to tell you.