Penelope: Is your job actually important since Amanda looks good in anything?

Wardrobe Lady: Well I'm part of the reason she looks so good! No, actually you're right, she does look great in anything. But we try to put her in sort of playful, sporty styles usually--that's her best look.

Penelope: Have you ever chosen an outfit that made Amanda itchy?

Wardrobe Lady: I try to pick fabrics that the actors will be most comfortable in, so I hope not. If Amanda was ever itchy, she didn't tell me.

Do you like my outfit please?

Wardrobe Lady: I'd say...let me see...I'd say it works for you. Have you ever thought about a makeover, like they do on "Jenny Jones"? Go a little crazy, maybe lose the glasses? No?

Penelope: Can you tell me exactly where you keep all the clothes Amanda has worn, and if that room is locked, where the key is?

Wardrobe Lady: (laughing) Oh sure, no problem. No, I'm just kidding, there's no way on earth I'm telling you that.

Penelope: What do her clothes smell like?

Wardrobe Lady: What do they SMELL LIKE? Well, generally they smell like whatever detergent we use to wash them. I think it's Wisk or something. So they smell like Wisk.

Penelope: How much fun is it to iron Amanda's clothes?

Wardrobe Lady: I think ironing in general is pretty boring. I'd say ironing is about as much fun as vacuuming. So ironing Amanda's clothes is as much fun as vacuuming. There you go.

Penelope: Where's Amanda?

Wardrobe Lady: Um, I don't know---I haven't seen her in a few hours.