Lori Beth Denberg Chat

nickyapper: We're getting ready for Lori Beth Denberg—formerly of "All That" and currently of "The Steve Harvey Show"—to join us here LIVE at nick.com's headquarters. Send in your questions!

nickyapper: ...and your jokes.

MODERATOR: Lori Beth is really funny but I think we have some future comedians here in the Blab!

nickyapper: I agree!

MODMSG cbrand: What do you eat for lunch on the beach? A sand-wich!

MODMSG pokerap00: Why can't the devil keep a job? Because he always got fired!

MODERATOR: You guys are great! But I think I hear Lori Beth coming!!

MODERATOR: Hold the jokes and send the questions now! :)

MODERATOR: ::sneaking in one more for selfish reasons::::

MODMSG warlocks: Why did the boy carry a clock and a bird? It was for tick or tweet!

nickyapper: Oh my goodness I SEE her! Lori Beth is here!

MODERATOR: Lori Beth, welcome and say hello to our guests here in nick.com's Blab-a-torium!!

Lori_Beth: Hey everyone! I hope it's a hopping day on the Internet!

MODERATOR: Our first question of the night comes from kid34!

MODMSG kid34: Lori Beth can you tell us some vital information? I love it!

Lori_Beth: I can tell you the most vital information of all time...if you drink apple juice and it feels warm, odds are that ain't apple juice!!

MODERATOR: tomboy1103 is long-winded I think...and a great joke teller too!

MODMSG tomboy1103: Hi Lori Beth! I love you! How old are you and how long have you been on "The Steve Harvey Show"??? And how long on "All That"? And what was your favorite skit on "All That"??

Lori_Beth: I love you, too, tomboy!

Lori_Beth: I'm 24 years old.

Lori_Beth: I've been on "The Steve Harvey Show" for 2 years, "All That" for 4 years, the first four seasons...

Lori_Beth: And my favorite sketch was The Complaint Department because I got to work with all the actors one-on-one.

nickyapper: I loved that skit too!

MODERATOR: nuthouse13 is actually asking you for vital advice! :)

MODMSG nuthouse13: How did you get into "All That"? I would like to be an actress/comedian. Have any tips?

Lori_Beth: My biggest tip is to do plays in your school and in your community.

Lori_Beth Aand make sure you like all the hard work that goes into being an actor.

Lori_Beth: And I actually got discovered by the producers of "All That" because of a scene I did for a drama competition.

MODERATOR: medusasnke idolizes you, Lori Beth :)

MODMSG medusasnke: Hiya Lori Beth. You are my idol. Well, anyway, I decided Iwanted to be an actress when Iwas 8. When did you decide?

Lori_Beth: I did my first play when I was 6 and I loved it.

Lori_Beth: And I grew up watching kids on TV, and I said "I can do that!"

MODERATOR: puppers has a *corny* question...

MODMSG puppers: Did you ever name the big ear of corn anything other than 'Big Ear of Corn' on the show?

Lori_Beth: No, there's no name, it's simply called The Big Ear of Corn!

Lori_Beth: And we all have great respect for the corn!

MODERATOR: kk722 will always remember you fondly from "All That"

MODMSG kk722: Lori Beth, are there any particular cast members of "All That" that you were really close to? And who is one of the funniest cast members on "All That"?

Lori_Beth: Well, we were all like brothers and sisters on that show, so I kind of miss hanging out with everybody.

Lori_Beth: The Complaint Department was my favorite sketch, and Kenan and Amanda were two of my favorite people to work with.

Lori_Beth: We always had a great time when we did sketches together!

MODERATOR: We received a LOT of questions for you in the mailbag at nick.com this week from kids who couldn't make it here...this is one from Shanzae :)

MODMSG NICKMare: What's it like acting with Steve Harvey? From Shanzae

Lori_Beth: What a great question, Shanzae!

Lori_Beth: It's a lot of fun, different working there than on Nickelodeon...

Lori_Beth: I used to work with just kids and now I'm working with adults...it's a lot of fun but it's different than the kind of schoolhouse atmosphere I was used to at Nickelodeon.

Lori_Beth: So it's something new to get used to.

Lori_Beth: We laugh a lot...he's a crazy guy!

MODERATOR: satoshi has a question for you :)

MODMSG satoshi: I have a double q—Have you met Melissa Joan Hart? And why did you leave "All That"? You did Vital Information better than anyone.

Lori_Beth: Thank you! I have met Melissa Joan Hart, I'm proud to say.

Lori_Beth: I left "All That" because I was getting older.

Lori_Beth: It was like leaving elementary school to junior high.

Lori_Beth: I play a high school student now, a little older...it was just time for a change for me.

MODERATOR: ::handing a feather to ashley for making it in!:::: hyylo hasn't had a chance to catch "The Steve Harvey Show" and would like to know...

MODMSG hyylo: What kind of show is "The Steve Harvey Show"?

Lori_Beth: Hey, hyylo! "The Steve Harvey Show" is a sitcom on the WB...

Lori_Beth: ...starring Steve Harvey who plays a music teacher in a high school.

Lori_Beth: I play Lydia, one of the lucky students who makes school so much fun!

MODERATOR: lori887766 seriously misses you!

MODMSG lori887766: Lori Beth, how come you left us here at Nick? We MISS you!

Lori_Beth: I will always be a part of Nickelodeon through the magic of re-runs, lori!

Lori_Beth: And I still feel like I'm a part of Nick, because my shows are still on the air.

Lori_Beth: Kids still know me because my shows are still on the air.

Lori_Beth: Everywhere I go I'm "that girl for Nickelodeon" so it'll always be a part of my life.

MODERATOR: soprano14 is a movie-goer and is wondering...

MODMSG soprano14: Would you ever consider doing movies?

Lori_Beth: Of course I'd like to do movies.

Lori_Beth: If you have a script send it over!

MODERATOR: 67923 lost the alphabet and only had numbers left :)

MODMSG 67923: Lori Beth, who is your hero?

Lori_Beth: That's a great question, 67923.

Lori_Beth: People have heroes for a lot of different reasons...

Lori_Beth: Professionally there are a lot of people I respect.

Lori_Beth: Like certain writers or musicians.

nickyapper: I respect YOU!

Lori_Beth: But in your personal life there are a lot of people who affect you in different ways.

Lori_Beth: But if I had to choose one person...

Lori_Beth: It would be the aforementioned Melissa Joan Hart.

MODERATOR: Send us your questions for Lori Beth Denberg!! Just type your question in the text box and hit Send!

MODERATOR: goodfriend has a translation book and a shopping bag in hand!

MODMSG goodfriend: Lori, do you talk any other language than English? And do you like shopping?

Lori_Beth: Of course I like shopping! I especially enjoy buying things from catalogues...

Lori_Beth: ...because they come in the mail and it's like Christmas all year round.

Lori_Beth: I speak a little bit of sign language.

MODERATOR: Send in your questions now for Lori Beth! Type in the text box and press SEND!

MODERATOR: kid g has a funny one comment and a question :)

MODMSG kid g: QUIET THIS IS A BLAB-A-TORIUM!!! How did you get The Loud Librarian role?

Lori_Beth: Two of our writers, Kevin and Heath, came up with The Loud Librarian and tried for a long time to get it on "All That."

Lori_Beth: When they did, I was given the role because I usually played all the teachers and older characters.

Lori_Beth: It was such a big hit the first week that we ended up doing more and more.

MODERATOR: dj1109 is getting ready a month in advance! :)

MODMSG dj1109: PLEASE ask this question to Lori Beth. It's a Halloween question. Lori Beth, do you still dress up for Halloween and what is your favorite Halloween costume?

Lori_Beth: I do on occassion dress up for Halloween, dj.

Lori_Beth: I am lucky because a lot of times I get to wear crazy costumes at work, for my job.

Lori_Beth: And sometimes they let me take them home.

Lori_Beth: My two favorite recent costumes were the Bride of Frankenstein, with a giant tall wig, and this cool Slice of Pizza costume that I wore last year.

Lori_Beth: I was a Slice of Pizza last year!

MODERATOR: comedyboy1 has a report for you!

MODMSG comedyboy1: Hi, today you came to my school and watched our reports. My question is, who is your favorite actor/actress?

Lori_Beth: Right now there are a lot of actresses I like including Sandra Bullock, Drew Barrymore...

Lori_Beth: and again Melissa Joan Hart.

nickyapper: If you're joining us late, welcome to the Blab-a-torium! "All That" veteran and "The Steve Harvey Show" staple Lori Beth Denberg is here chatting LIVE! Send us your questions NOW by typing them into the text box below and hitting SEND!

MODERATOR: Here's another one from the mailbag at nick.com :)

MODMSG NickZa: When did you realize that you were really funny?

Lori_Beth: The first time people said I was funny was at summer camp when I was 14...

Lori_Beth: Everyone said...I was just being myself, and everyone said "You're so funny!"

Lori_Beth: It had never really occurred to me, but once they started to tell me that I paid more attention...

Lori_Beth: and tried to take more opportunities to be funny on purpose.

Lori_Beth: And that's when I started my career in comedy.

nickyapper: That's so cool!

MODERATOR: nioki is also a "Kenan and Kel" fan!

MODMSG nioki: Are Kenan and Kel going to do any more guest spots on "The Steve Harvey Show"?

Lori_Beth: I hope so!

Lori_Beth: Because we have never gotten to be on the show together and I would love to work with Kenan and Kel.

MODERATOR: ashley55 is so happy you're here talking with us!

MODMSG ashley55: Have you met Mary-Kate and Ashley ?

Lori_Beth: I have briefly encountered Mary-Kate and Ashley at the Kids' Choice Awards several years ago.

Lori_Beth: I didn't know them very well but I liked what I saw!

Lori_Beth: I've seen them more on TV than in real life.

MODERATOR: erinalien is beaming this one from her space case...

MODMSG erinalien: Did you like being on "Figure It Out"? And was it rehearsed?

Lori_Beth: I loved being on "Figure It Out," erinalian.

Lori_Beth: It was NOT rehearsed!

Lori_Beth: We really guessed all the answers ourselves.

MODERATOR: doglover was almost too shy to ask this :)

MODMSG doglover44:PLEASE ANSWER THIS QUESTION!!!! I really want to be in a magazine, but my mom says I'm to shy. Do you have any tips on how not to be shy?

Lori_Beth: Well, you have to be yourself, doglover.

Lori_Beth: And find people who like you for you.

Lori_Beth: Try getting your own Big Ear of Corn, it did the trick for me.

MODERATOR: another one from the mailbag this week :)

MODMSG NICKMare: What do you like most about your character on "The Steve Harvey Show"?

Lori_Beth: It reminds me of me a few years ago...

Lori_Beth: my character...so whenever I have to do something really stupid, at least it was in the show and not in real life.

Lori_Beth: Also, I've gotten to do fun things like run around, kick open doors and wear crazy costumes.

nickyapper: If you're joining us late, welcome to the Blab-a-torium! "All That" veteran and "The Steve Harvey Show" staple Lori Beth Denberg is here chatting LIVE! Send us your questions NOW by typing them into the text box below and hitting SEND!

MODERATOR: chitchat is trying to give you space to answer this one :)

MODMSG chitchat12: Are you able to go in public without being mobbed by people

Lori_Beth: Yes, I am, chitchat.

Lori_Beth: I usually get recognized everywhere I go by a few people...

Lori_Beth: which is nice because it means people are watching the show.

Lori_Beth: And because I still get to meet so many kids who know me from Nickelodeon.

Lori_Beth: But I'm not so famous I get mobbed or anything like that.

MODERATOR: cutsygirl loves her music!

MODMSG cutsygirl: Hey, Lori Beth, have you met any of the bands like *NSYNC or Backstreet Boys?

Lori_Beth: Yeah...I have met the Backstreet Boys on a couple of occasions.

Lori_Beth: Once when they were on "All That"...

nickyapper: Oh my gosh! She's soooooooo lucky!

Lori_Beth: And once at The Big Help. I met Kevin, the Backstreet Boy...

Lori_Beth: and if you all want to be jealous, in Orlando one time, I met Lance from *NSYNC.

nickyapper: That's amazing!

MODERATOR: :::::::thud::::::::

MODERATOR: <-----turning green

MODERATOR: angeleyes is frantically and frighteningly asking...

MODMSG angeleyes8: PLEASE answer this one!!!!! Are you superstitious or are you afraid of anything? And if so, then what??

Lori_Beth: I don't think I'm very superstitious, angeleyes...

Lori_Beth: I don't throw salt over my shoulders and I'm quite fond of black cats.

Lori_Beth: Sometimes I get nervous if I think I'm lost. I'm afraid of getting lost. (I'm not a very good driver, so that happens often!)

MODERATOR: moffatts is acting strange with that bucket hiding behind the back...

MODMSG moffatts: When you were on "Figure It Out," did you like getting stuff dumped on your head? Like slime? Or little pieces of food?

Lori_Beth: Who wouldn't?!

Lori_Beth: It was sometimes messy and smelly and sticky.

Lori_Beth: But those are the best games, the ones you remember.

Lori_Beth: Because it's hard to forget when you smell that much like fish!

MODERATOR: wowee is chanting "We want Lori Beth! We want Lori Beth!"

MODMSG wowee: Will you ever host the Kids' Choice Awards like Rosie O'Donnell?

Lori_Beth: It would be an honor to be asked, wowee.

MODERATOR: ota would like to know specifics...

MODMSG ota: I wasn't here if anybody answered, but how tall is The Big Ear of Corn?

Lori_Beth: The Big Ear of Corn is about six feet tall.

Lori_Beth: It's a pretty BIG ear of corn, ota.

MODERATOR: Here is a great question from the mailbag at nick.com that many are asking! (besides coming back for the chats in the Blab)

MODMSG NickFrog: Are you going to come back to a Nick show?

Lori_Beth: Like I said before, I feel like I'll always be a part of Nickelodeon.

Lori_Beth: And truthfully, I don't really feel like I ever left.

MODERATOR: We have a little less than 10 minutes left! So send in your questions NOW!

Lori_Beth: So if something were to come up, I'd be happy to do something new on Nickelodeon.

MODERATOR: Katie is our animal lover and would like to know :)

MODMSG katie86: Lori Beth, do you have any pets??

Lori_Beth: I have two kitty cats that I rescued from the pound.

Lori_Beth: They are very cute and their names are Stinky and Sprinkles

Lori_Beth: Sprinkles like on ice cream and Stinky like your feet!

MODERATOR: Hurry! Hurry! Type right in!! Send your questions quick!

MODMSG mickaeldg: Lori, I have a question: What do you like to do in your spare time, like off stage?

Lori_Beth: I like to do pretty normal things. I like to read and play with my cats.

Lori_Beth: I like to watch movies and I like to travel.

Lori_Beth: Last year I drove in my car from California to South Dakota to visit Mt.Rushmore.

Lori_Beth: And that was really cool!

Lori_Beth: I also like to do online chats!

MODERATOR: kolmargirl is wondering...

MODMSG kolmargirl: What kind of music do you listen to?

Lori_Beth: I listen to all kinds of music, kolmargirl.

Lori_Beth: I love Broadway shows and musicals.

Lori_Beth: And I love just regular old Rock and Roll.

Lori_Beth: And I love the Britney Spears song "Oops! I Did It Again."

Lori_Beth: I just can't help myself. I mean she DID IT AGAIN! She feels bad about it, not me.

MODERATOR: Our last question of the night comes from ynattirb and we would also then love to know about your upcoming plans!

MODMSG ynattirb: Have you ever wanted to do something other than act, like sing?

Lori_Beth: I do like to sing.

Lori_Beth: And luckily, I've gotten a chance to sing on several occasions.

Lori_Beth: Once I even got to sing the National Anthem at a professional baseball game.

Lori_Beth: So I'd like to be in a Broadway musical, a Broadway play, so I could sing and dance, all at the same time!

Lori_Beth: Thanks to all you kids who came to the Blab-a-torium. Thanks for all your good questions!

MODERATOR: Lori Beth thank you SO much for coming tonight ! It was like a homecoming! We sure hope you come back again or even visit on the message boards when ya have the chance!

Lori_Beth: You can see me on "The Steve Harvey Show" on the WB, or watch my old shows on Nickelodeon.

Lori_Beth: They're just as good the second time around!

nickyapper: You're so great Lori Beth!

nickyapper: Thank you!

Lori_Beth: Bye you guys! Peace out!

MODERATOR: Bye Lori Beth!!

MODERATOR: See y'all tomorrow night, September 27 at 8:30 PM (ET) to chat LIVE with pop hotties—98 Degrees!!!!!!

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MODERATOR: Thanks to everyone here for entertaining us with the joke telling!! You all ROCK!!

MODERATOR: So come back tomorrow night when we ROCK AGAIN with 98 Degrees!!

nickyapper:I can't wait for 98 Degrees!

MODERATOR: I might even come dressed as a thermometer and be the 99th Degree!!