Paris and Nicky Hilton Look Hot on Orange Carpet

Posted on Apr 2, 2011

There are so many A-listers at the Kids' Choice Awards this year! When Paris and Nicky Hilton showed up on the Orange Carpet, we couldn't believe our eyes! These sisters are hott in their lacy dresses. (Sidenote: sparkles and sequins seem to be the biggest trend this year on the carpet! The Hiltons might be the two ladies NOT wearing sparkles!)

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Jeff Sutphen Interviews Keke Palmer

Posted on Apr 2, 2011

Jeff Sutphen is famous for getting celebs to say hilarious things on the Orange Carpet, but we never imagined he'd go this far! When interviewing Keke Palmer during the Countdown to the KCAs on the Orange Carpet, he reminisced about how Keke presented Michelle Obama (totally not a big deal or anything...) with the Big Help Award last year at the KCAs. This year Justin Timberlake is going to be accepting the award and we cannot wait. But why does Keke think JT is so great?


Taylor Momsen is Afraid of Being Slimed

Posted on Apr 2, 2011

Taylor Momsen introduced Willow Smith at the KCAs, but is she cool with getting a little slimy? Mmm, we don't think so. When Jeff Sutphen asked her about "going green" at the awards show (aka getting really really really slimy), Taylor said, "I don't want it to dye my hair green."


Countdown to the KCAs with 2011 Hosts!

Posted on Apr 2, 2011

It's live! That's right! The Kids' Choice Awards Orange Carpet has kicked off! The celebs are lining up to get their pics taken and get their interviews on. And guess who's hosting the orange carpet fun?! iCarly star Noah Munck, Daniella Monet, Jeff Sutphen, and Aaron Fresh! They'll be chatting with all of our faves all night and asking them all the burning questions we have! Can't wait to see what they'll all be wearing and who dressed to impress get slimed!


Winners of 2011 Kids' Choice Awards

Posted on Apr 2, 2011

What an exciting night! The 2011 Kids' Choice Awards were a slimy success and tons of our faves walked away with blimps. Wanna know who won? Read on for the full winners list.


Jack & Patrick Smerge

Patrick and Jack Griffo: both stars, both studs, combine to make one handsome creature!


The battle is BACK and this time it's in Bikini Bottom!