Ariana The Collector!

Posted on May 31, 2013

Ariana Grande The Collector 1

Everyone knows that Cat Valentine and her pet purple stuffed giraffe are best buds. But Cat isn't the only one with a soft spot for fluffy sidekicks. Sam and Cat celeb Ariana Grande is a stuffed animal lover, too. In fact, she used to collect tons of them! But that's not all Ariana had in stock during her collecting days...

Throwback Thursday: Noah Grows Up!

Posted on May 30, 2013


Time flies, doesn't it? It's like one day you're hanging around the set of iCarly as the youngest member of the crew, and the next day you're starring in your very own movie as the notorious Nicky Deuce! And when it comes to our beloved Noah Munck, you can literally see the transformation unfold before your eyes!

Big Time Rush Tour Bus Secrets

Posted on May 30, 2013


With four funny guys riding the BTR tour bus, there's gotta be some hilarious shenanigans going down 24/7. But other than mischievous pranks and impromptu jam outs, what else happens on the Big Time Summer Tour bus? Well, Popstar asked the boys a few questions about their road routine, and we learned tons of insider secrets, like who's the messiest, and who the biggest night owl is...

Is Buddy A Wendell or Vinnie?

Posted on May 29, 2013


On Wendell and Vinnie, Buddy Handelson may play a school-obsessed 12-year-old who just doesn't get sports or video games. But what's the real Buddy like? Would he rather study up on science with Wendell or get his game on with Vinnie? In his interview with Time For Kids, Buddy explained, "I like to play video games, but probably not as much as Vinnie does. I like to go to school... not as much as Wendell does. And I like baseball."

Weird News of the Week: Jennette Lost Her Funny Bone!

Posted on May 29, 2013

Weird News of the Week Jennette McCurdy Funny Bone 1

Are you up-to-date with all buzz going down in the celeb world? Well, here's a wacky piece of news that you might have missed. We found this headline so silly, in fact, that we thought it deserved the title of our Weird News of the Week! So what funky fact caught our eyes and ears? Check it out.

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