Ariana Grande

Ariana's Tweet Attacks!

Posted on Aug 25, 2011

Ready your keyboards and clear the inter-waves because Ariana Grande is about to have another tweet attack! It seems like every day this gal is chirping up a storm to fans and friends around the globe. And that's why she's become one of the most influential tweet-sters on the planet! Not to mention, she's a total tweetheart, too. Check out some her best chirps below!


Who's in the Panda Suit: Clue 2!

Posted on Aug 24, 2011

Okay everybody, we know you've been racking your brains over clue number one, but now it's time for your second clue! Hopefully this one will give you a few more hints about who was really terrorizing Kenan's party during the show clash of the century, iParty with Victorious. Check out clue number two below and cast your vote!


Can You Guess Who's in the Panda Suit?!

Posted on Aug 24, 2011

This Saturday, the biggest party of the century is getting even BIGGER! iParty with Victorious is back, and this time there's even more outrageous scenes, hilarious moments, and most importantly, there's some serious party secrets set to be revealed!! And since no one can stop pondering about the pestering panda that caused all that racket at the party, we decided to investigate. And we're revealing the true culprit to all the panda-monium this Saturday! But before we do, let's see if you can figure it out all on your own.


Victorious Album Signing!

Posted on Aug 18, 2011

What's better than the new Victorious album? The new Victorious album signed by all of the soundtrack's celebrity singers! And lucky fans in Duarte, Cali had the fortune of gaining this once-in-a-lifetime swag. Check out these pics of Victoria Justice and the rest of her cast mates at a meet-and-greet album signing for their new hit soundtrack from the show.


On the Red Carpet at the Do Something Awards

Posted on Aug 17, 2011

We just spotted two of our favorite starlets makin' it shine on another Hollywood red carpet. And this time, it was the Vh1 Do Something Awards! Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande were looking totally fab while strolling into the event, which recognizes young humanitarians and celebs who have done great deeds to help our world become a better place. Victoria presented an award (along with fellow Nick Star, Keke Palmer), and Ariana was there to support her chum and cast mate.


Ariana Grande's BIO

Ariana Grande gained fame as Cat Valentine, a cutie-pie sidekick on Victorious who spends most of her time with her head in the clouds. And now she's got her very own show! Cat moved on to join forces with iCarly's wise-cracker, Sam Puckett (AKA Jennette McCurdy). But when Ariana isn't on set bringing the laughs as Cat, she's in the studio or belting it out on stage. This gal can sing! And her perfect pipes shine far beyond her music. She also plays the voice of Princess Diaspro on Winx Club!

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