Avan and Victoria Are Twinsies!

Posted on Mar 11, 2013

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They say great minds think alike, but can great celebs dress alike? The answer is... YES! Besties Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia love strolling around Hollywood dressed as twins. In fact, at one particular red carpet bash, the duo showed up in the exact same duds, unplanned! Avan told BOP and Tiger Beat, "I came in with my jacket and my hat, the whole outfit, and she had same clothes!"

Victoria Justice Scared the Oatmeal Out of Avan Jogia!

Posted on Feb 8, 2013

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We know Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia love to goof around. That's what BFFs do! But there was one prank between the duo that gave Avan an unexpected slurprise. Check out the story Avan dished to Bop and Tiger Beat about Victoria's joke that almost lost him his lunch!

Avan Jogia and Matt Bennett Were Roomies?!

Posted on Feb 7, 2013

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What would it be like to live under the same roof as Victorious star, Matt Bennett? We think it would be totally rad (as long as Rex doesn't tag along...we hear he's a messy house-guest). But if you really wanna know what it's like having Robbie as a roommate, then you can ask his cast mate, Avan Jogia. In an interview with First News, Avan spilled about how he shared a house with his pal from Hollywood Arts!

Who's The Victorious Karaoke King?

Posted on Feb 5, 2013


Karaoke is always fun, but when your friends are all pro performers from Victorious, it can be super challenging. With so much talent in the room, which Hollywood Arts student do you think holds the title of Karaoke King or Queen? Turns out, the whole cast agrees on who the winner is...


Avan Jogia's BIO

Avan Jogia is one of the most handsome heartthrobs in Hollywood. That's why he was the perfect pick for the role of beautiful Beck Oliver in Victorious. But before Avan was making Jade jealous by talking to Tori, he was just a pint-sized Potter practicing for his first big gig in a school play. Avan first discovered acting when he scored the lead in his school's rendition of Harry Potter at age ten. Since then, he's been cast in hit Nickelodeon TV movies like Gym Teacher: The Movie and Spectacular!. And now he plays one of the most talented guys on tube that can make any girl go gaga. And his acting Avan-tures have only just begun!

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