Victoria and Avan Think Guys and Girls Can Be BFF!

Posted on Jan 25, 2013

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Some people say that guys and gals can't be friends, but we think that's bologna! And Victorious stars Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia are living proof. These two stars spend a ton of time both on and off the set, just hanging out and being best buds. Victoria dished to PopStar!, "...Ever since I met [Avan] we've been really really close and just immediately clicked." And Avan chimed in, "I feel like guys and girls can be friends because, if I like people, I like people. You know?"

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Avan Jogia's BIO

Avan Jogia is one of the most handsome heartthrobs in Hollywood. That's why he was the perfect pick for the role of beautiful Beck Oliver in Victorious. But before Avan was making Jade jealous by talking to Tori, he was just a pint-sized Potter practicing for his first big gig in a school play. Avan first discovered acting when he scored the lead in his school's rendition of Harry Potter at age ten. Since then, he's been cast in hit Nickelodeon TV movies like Gym Teacher: The Movie and Spectacular!. And now he plays one of the most talented guys on tube that can make any girl go gaga. And his acting Avan-tures have only just begun!

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