Buddy Handleson

Buddy's Fave Unicorn

Posted on Jun 22, 2013

Buddy Handleson Fave Unicorn 1

When Wendell & Vinnie star Buddy Handleson has a Q&A, he means business. In a chirp-fest with some of his fave fans, he dished all about his favorite things and even did a little horsing around. Here's what we found out! While Buddy's not a guy for starting trouble, if the odds were stacked against them, he's all about choosing his battles wisely. A fan asked, "Would you rather fight 1 horse-sized duck or 10 duck-sized horses?" and his reply was what any boy would say: "10 duck sized horses."

Buddy Pulls More Pranks!

Posted on Jun 15, 2013

Buddy Pulls More Pranks 1

If you know Wendell and Vinnie's Buddy Handleson, you know he's a HUGE prankster. So, we have good news for all you jokers-in-training, 'cause On The Spot Interviews got up close and personal with Buddy, and he dished on some of his all time best pranks.

Buddy Loves Napping!

Posted on Jun 10, 2013


Ever wondered what Buddy Handleson does when he's not filming awesome scenes for Wendell and Vinnie? Well, when he's not working hard, Buddy puts serious effort into chilling out! "I like to play video games or read," the star dished in an interview with Celebrity Teen Scoop. "Also naps. Lots of sleeping." Hey, even relaxing takes energy!

Is Buddy A Wendell or Vinnie?

Posted on May 29, 2013


On Wendell and Vinnie, Buddy Handelson may play a school-obsessed 12-year-old who just doesn't get sports or video games. But what's the real Buddy like? Would he rather study up on science with Wendell or get his game on with Vinnie? In his interview with Time For Kids, Buddy explained, "I like to play video games, but probably not as much as Vinnie does. I like to go to school... not as much as Wendell does. And I like baseball."

Buddy Loses His Marbles!

Posted on May 13, 2013


The set of Wendell and Vinnie must be a constant LOL-fest. Especially with joke-cracking vets like Jerry Trainor hanging around. But did you know that Jerry's co-star Buddy Handleson has been giving the cast some prank-y ideas of his own? He chatted with Buzznet about his future gags, and yes... he spilled ALL the marbles!


Buddy Handleson's BIO

Buddy Handleson is the definition of cute. Don't you just wanna pinch those adorable cheeks?! But Buddy's known for more than just his cutie-pie looks. He's a seasoned actor! He got his start in Hollywood as the child prodigy Henry Dillon on Shake It Up. And since he's got such a knack for playing the smarty pants, he nabbed his new role as the boy-genius Wendell on Wendell and Vinnie, no problem! So, if you need a tutor in science, math or just need lessons in awesome, this is your guy.


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