Buddy Handleson

Buddy The Dinosaur

Posted on Apr 30, 2013


If Wendell and Vinnie star Buddy Handleson was an animal instead of an adorable actor, what kind of animal do you think he'd be? A cuddly kitten? Or maybe a happy hippopotamus? Well, we asked Buddy to spill the truth and he actually chose something a little more ferocious! "I would be a dinosaur, because dinosaurs are amazing," he said. "And they’re tall and I am not, so it would be fun to be taller." But how large would this prehistoric Buddy be?

Imaginary Friends

Posted on Apr 17, 2013


Wendell and Vinnie may be a bit of an odd couple, but their quirky friendship is totally real. But did the two ever have any fake friends in real life? We're talking about imaginary friends, of course! We asked Jerry Trainor and Buddy Handelson if they had any silly make-believe pals as kids and here's what they had to say!

If Jerry Ruled the World

Posted on Apr 10, 2013


What would the world be like if Jerry Trainor were in charge? Well, we know he's a very accomplished sculptor after all those years on iCarly. But we also know he can be a tad irresponsible based on his Wendell & Vinnie record... And this all boils down to tell us it'd be one WACKY world if Jerry were king. And here are all the wild ways it'd be different!

Buddy's Dog Dudley

Posted on Mar 12, 2013

Buddy's Dog 1

If there's one thing everyone loves, it's a pet pal by their side! And that holds true for Wendell & Vinnie actor Buddy Handelson. When we asked Buddy if he had any little critters at home, he gushed, "I do. I have a long-haired wiener dog. He is so cute, his name is Dudley and he is awesome."

Uncle Vinnie DOs And DON'Ts

Posted on Feb 28, 2013

Vinnie Do Don't 1

Jerry Trainor is one seriously funny dude. But there's one thing we've noticed about the kooky roles that he plays on TV. They're all a do we put this? Accident prone! Hanging out with Jerry's on-screen characters could be a little bit dangerous. So, we put together a list of DOs and DON'Ts for his newest counterpart, Uncle Vinnie from Wendell and Vinnie! If you ever find yourself hanging around Vinnie, here's what you should do, and here's what you should avoid at all costs...

DON'T: Leave open containers of glue (or anything sticky for that matter) around Vinnie. He's been known to glue his hands to his knees. Seriously. That happened.


Buddy Handleson's BIO

Buddy Handleson is the definition of cute. Don't you just wanna pinch those adorable cheeks?! But Buddy's known for more than just his cutie-pie looks. He's a seasoned actor! He got his start in Hollywood as the child prodigy Henry Dillon on Shake It Up. And since he's got such a knack for playing the smarty pants, he nabbed his new role as the boy-genius Wendell on Wendell and Vinnie, no problem! So, if you need a tutor in science, math or just need lessons in awesome, this is your guy.


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