Burkely Duffield

Celebrity Inventions: Burkely's Telepormatic

Posted on Mar 2, 2013

Burkely Telepormatic Image 1

Benjamin Franklin. Da Vinci. Thomas Edison. All of these famous inventors have got nothin' on Burkely Duffield! He's a budding genius. And he just might be changing the way we travel in the future! Alright, alright. So Burkely hasn't made any real inventions, yet. But he does have one in mind! While chatting with the House of Anubis star, he told us all about his bright idea for a super-gadget that allows you to travel miles in seconds!

Burkely The Action Star?

Posted on Feb 24, 2013

Burkely Action Star 1

Burkely Duffield is totally tough as Eddie on House of Anubis. Which is a good thing, because with an evil, mysterious spirit haunting your school, you kind of have to be. But his tough streak might come in handy in the future too, 'cause this awesome actor aspires to be a big time action movie star! And he told Glitter mag all about his passion for stunts, spills and thrills.

Fake KCA Categories

Posted on Feb 22, 2013

Fake KCA Categories 1

Have you ever wished you could come up with your own KCA category? Sure, we all love voting for the classics, like Favorite Song or Favorite TV Show. But what about the categories that never got a chance at the Kids' Choice Awards? Like Smelliest Armpits or Hairiest Toes (gross...maybe that one was left out for a reason). Well, we asked our fave stars to spill some of their own make believe categories that they think would make for an interesting twist at this year's awards, and they had a few awesome ideas...

How KCA Slime Is Made

Posted on Feb 20, 2013

How KCa Slime Is Made Image 1

We've been cooking up slime for the Kids' Choice Awards since the beginning of time. And still, we may never know the secret ingredients (or at least we'll never reveal them!). But there has been a few theories circling around about slime over the years. Some think it's made of pudding. Others think it's made of snot. And we even heard of one odd report that it's made of ghost tears. Creeeepy. Anyway, House of Anubis star Burkely Duffield has a few interesting theories of his own to share that may (or may not) answer the question...'How is slime made?'

The New Color of Slime?

Posted on Feb 20, 2013

Slime Color Image 1

Ever wondered what slime would be like in the color purple? What about the color orange? Or blue? Or green? Oh wait, it's already green... Anyway! We gave our stars the chance to change the color of our oh-so-famous slime by using their awesome imaginations. And they came up with some pretty cool stuff!


Burkely Duffield's BIO

Burkely Duffield is a Canadian actor who began his career at the young age of 11. He is most widely recognized for his role as Eddie Miller on Nickelodeon’s House of Anubis, a character which was introduced in the show’s second season. Additionally, he has also appeared in the movie Rags alongside Keke Palmer and Max Schneider. He is the oldest of three siblings and his hobbies include swimming, playing the drums, and going to see live music.

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