Burkely Duffield

The New Color of Slime?

Posted on Feb 20, 2013

Slime Color Image 1

Ever wondered what slime would be like in the color purple? What about the color orange? Or blue? Or green? Oh wait, it's already green... Anyway! We gave our stars the chance to change the color of our oh-so-famous slime by using their awesome imaginations. And they came up with some pretty cool stuff!

Burkely Helps Out HOA Newbies

Posted on Feb 8, 2013

Blog Image Burkely Helps HOA Newbie Image 1

It can be pretty scary being the newbie. And Burkely Duffield knows all about it! He joined the House of Anubis cast when the show was in its second season. Luckily, he fit right in with the rest of the crew (hey, it's not hard with such a friendly cast!). And now, he's passing his knowledge on to the new season's newbies.

Anubis in Egypt: A New Chapter

Posted on Feb 8, 2013

Blog Image Anubis New Chapter Image 1

What would happen if the Anubis house mysteriously disappeared? Or if Alfie stumbled upon a hidden passageway that led to a magical dimension? When it comes to fan fiction, sky's the limit! And with a posse as cool as the Anubis crew to plop in our stories, it's pretty easy to come up with awesome new adventures. Just ask Burkely Duffield! He's got some of his own interesting plot lines cooked up already....

Burkely's Milk Shower

Posted on Feb 8, 2013

Blog Image Eddie Milk Shower Image 1

The cast of House of Anubis is pretty good at keeping a straight face. They're always using their serious scowls for those "What's this?" and "OMG-that-did-NOT-just-happen!" moments in the show. But behind the scenes, it's all giggles! Especially when something totally embarrassing happens. We sat down with HOA star Burkely Duffield, and he gave us the full scoop on his mortifying moments on set. And we couldn't help cracking up!

HOA Season 3 Secrets!

Posted on Feb 8, 2013

Blog Image HOA S3 Secrets Image 1

Season 3 of the House of Anubis is upon us. Everyone shout, 'Sibuna!' Actually, don't shout it too loud. Victor might hear you (gasp!). Anyway, this season is gonna be one of the best yet. How do we know? Oh, Burkely Duffield (AKA Eddie) took a time out (while shooting on set in London) to tell us all about it. Of course this season will be packed with all the mysterious twists and turns that we know and love. But according to Burkely, we've got even bigger things to look forward to...


Burkely Duffield's BIO

Burkely Duffield is a Canadian actor who began his career at the young age of 11. He is most widely recognized for his role as Eddie Miller on Nickelodeon’s House of Anubis, a character which was introduced in the show’s second season. Additionally, he has also appeared in the movie Rags alongside Keke Palmer and Max Schneider. He is the oldest of three siblings and his hobbies include swimming, playing the drums, and going to see live music.

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