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Burkely's Nickname On Set

Posted on Jan 10, 2013

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Buttercup. J-Dawg. Gigi. Snugglebunny. Most of us have a nickname (even if it's totally embarrassing and never-to-be-said-out-loud-in-public). But what about the casts of our fave shows? Well, after chatting with ultra popular House of Anubis star Burkely Duffield, we learned that lots of Hollywood celebs score all new titles from their fellow friends on set!

Burkely Gives Advice on Being 'The New Kid'!

Posted on Jan 5, 2013

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Being the new kid in school is never easy. Making all new friends can seem scarier than getting trapped in Victor's office solo (ahhh!). But here's the good news...there's an expert who's here to help! If there's one person who knows about life as a new kid, it's Burkely Duffield. Not only did he come in to the Anubis crew as 'Eddie the outsider' from the US of A, but he also changed schools as a kid!

What's Burkely's Biggest Fear?

Posted on Jan 1, 2013

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Insects, flying, heights and creepy-crawlies....These are normally things that give us the heebie jeebies. But not Burkely Duffield! Nope. This House of Anubis star isn't scared of slimy, slithering, snakes or even spiders! But he is afraid of something...right?

Sibuna: The Band

Posted on Jan 18, 2012

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Did you know? Burkely Duffield is a rock star! When he isn't shooting scenes for House of Anubis, Burkely likes to sit back, relax, and play some boss tunes. "I'm always big into listening to new music that comes out," he told us in an exclusive interview. But he doesn't just listen to jams, he makes his own, too!

SpongeBob's Valentine's Day Gifts!

Posted on Jan 14, 2012


Today is Valentine's Day. And that means Cupid's got his arrows ready and he's on the lookout for targets! In fact, we know one Nick celeb who's already on Cupid's list of direct hits, and he goes by the name of SpongeBob SquarePants. Turns out, tons of Nick stars want this squishy sea sponge as their V-Day date. And we've got the scoop on exactly what they'd be gifting the Bikini Bottom dweller if they were chosen as his Valentine.


Burkely Duffield's BIO

Burkely Duffield is a Canadian actor who began his career at the young age of 11. He is most widely recognized for his role as Eddie Miller on Nickelodeon’s House of Anubis, a character which was introduced in the show’s second season. Additionally, he has also appeared in the movie Rags alongside Keke Palmer and Max Schneider. He is the oldest of three siblings and his hobbies include swimming, playing the drums, and going to see live music.

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