Carlos Knight

Guess Who?

Posted on Aug 4, 2013

Guess Who Carlos Knight 1

Don't you love finding out cool, new factoids about your favorite celebs? Well, if you're a trivia buff, then it's time for you to put yourself to the test in another round of Guess Who. We're spilling three top-secret deets on a certain mystery star and it's up to you to reveal who they are! Here's the first clue: This person's a total athlete! They dished to AOL Kids, "I love basketball."

Silly Celebrity Dreams: Carlos' Dream Doughnut

Posted on Jul 2, 2013

Silly Celebrity Dreams Carlos Knight 1

Supah Ninja's Carlos Knight works hard, plays hard, and sleeps hard. And using all that energy makes you hungry. So hungry, he even dreams about food. Not just any food though, special fantasy food that you only get to see if you're lucky enough to have some super silly sleepy time!

Celebrity Don'ts

Posted on May 11, 2013

Celebrity Don'ts 1

If you were given the one-in-a-lifetime chance to hang with one of your fave stars, like Ariana Grande or Carlos Pena, would you know how to act? Well, the first step is to stay calm. These celebs are so down to earth, it'd be just like hanging with your best bud! But just in case you totally freeze, we put together a little list of Celebrity Don'ts. So, if you magically find yourself in one of these celebrities' entourages, here's what you should definitely NOT do.

Celebrity Don't #1: DON'T let Ariana Grande steer the limo. She just passed her driving test, and she's still learning the laws of the road! She chirped, "We passed!!!!! #imdrivinghome #watchouteveryoneontheroad Eeep!" We believe in you Ariana, and practice will make perfect. But in the meantime, maybe we'll stick to the back seat.

Carlos' Hidden Talent

Posted on May 4, 2013

Carlos Knight Hidden Talent 1

Being one of the Supah Ninjas keeps your schedule pretty busy. But when he's not kicking criminal butt with his Bo staff, what other skills does Carlos Knight have up his sleeves? One of them involves a hoop and the other is music to our ears!


Carlos Knight's BIO

Carlos Knight gives new meaning to the term "punch line". Not only is he a side-splitting jokester, but he just nabbed the role as the hard-hitting ham, Owen Reynolds, in Supah Ninjas! But before Carlos brought all his hilarious one-liners to Nick, he was performing on stage in plays like Footloose and The Wiz and snagging bit roles on shows like Southland and Zoey101. He even scored an Annual Young Artist Award for his guest appearance in the medical drama ,ER. Well, there's definitely more awards to come for this wacky warrior...Can you say KCA?


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