Carlos Pena

BTR Tour: Indiana State Fair

Posted on Aug 12, 2011

Big Time Rush has been making so many pit stops on their worldwide tour, we can barely keep up. We just left their blowout performance in Erie County, PA, and now they've already popped in for another awesome show in Indiana! Sheesh, we just may need to split ourselves in two to make sure we catch all these concerts! Check out these new pics from their performance at the Indiana State Fair.


BTR Tour: Erie County Fair

Posted on Aug 12, 2011

We've had a blast following the boys of BTR around all summer on their worldwide tour...And we're not done yet! We spotted them making another big time performance in Pennsylvania at the Erie County Fair on August 10, and we made sure to snap tons of pics of the boys rushing the stage. Check 'em out!


Big Time Rush Summer Tour Photos!

Posted on Aug 9, 2011

No matter how famous the boys of BTR get, they'll never be too big time for their fans! That's why they've been showin' the love to crowds across the country during their worldwide tour this summer. And we've got the pics to prove it! Check out these fun photos of the boys of Big Time Rush (and their gorge back up band members) posing post-show with their finest fans.


BTR's "If I Ruled the World" Official Music Video!

Posted on Aug 8, 2011

What would you do if you ruled the world? Well, if you're not sure, just ask BTR! They've been selling out concerts worldwide, and they basically own the globe when it comes to making mega hit music. Their new single is titled, "If I Ruled the World", after all. But what are they gonna do with their big time royal reign? Well, find out in this new official music video for "If I Ruled the World"!

Big Time Rush in Germany

Posted on Aug 4, 2011

The boys of Big Time Rush are jetting from L.A. and going global! But don't worry, they're still thinking of us worldwide. Our favorite boys are performing all over Europe and we've got the scoop on it all. They say it's not easy to keep moving city to city, but the show must go on! Here are some pics of the best musical moments from their show in Germany.


Carlos Pena's BIO

Carlos Pena fell in love with performing while singing in a school musical version of Titanic, but his music career is far from shipwrecked. Known as the BTR boy with a knack for extreme sports, Carlos knows just how to keep us entertained to the max in every episode! Whether he's charming us with his latest laugh-out-loud line or pumping out another hit single, this BTR boy is an ultimate mega-star!

SpongeBob's Instaclam!

The votes are in: SpongeBob and his fave sea-shell network are the most LOL-worthy!


The battle is BACK and this time it's in Bikini Bottom!