Five Fun Facts About Ciara Bravo

Posted on Oct 16, 2013

Ciara Five Fun Facts 1

Wanna know what's really fun? FUN FACTS! Especially when they're about awesome stars on the rise, like Ciara Bravo! And we have not one, but five super sweet deets on this Jinxed celeb that are worth going bonkers over. Ready for the count down? Here we go!

1. Ciara loves horseback riding!

Slime Count

Posted on Oct 9, 2013

Slime Count 1

There's no doubt about it. Nick Stars are always getting slimed. And they love it! But how many times have your favorite stars tasted green goo? Allow us to tally....

Matt Bennett: 41
They call Victorious star Matt Bennett the "Slime King" for a reason. He's been slimed A LOT. The number is so large, even he forgets the count sometimes. "I think the count is something like 41 times," he told Just Jared Jr. That's just impressive.

Bravo, Ciara Bravo!

Posted on Oct 2, 2013

Why We Love Ciara 1

We can think of a million reasons why we heart Ciara Bravo. But today, we're bringing you the top five! Read on to learn why the leading lady of the upcoming flick Jinxed totally rocks our socks.

Ciara Bravo's BIO

You already know Ciara Bravo from her break out performance as Katie Knight, Kendall's smart aleck little sis, on Big Time Rush. But Ciara's hit the big time now, thanks to her starring roles as hacker extraordinaire Melissa Bing in the smash hit Swindle and the unlucky Meg Murphy in the movie, Jinxed! She has already stolen our hearts and now she’s about to steal the show! Expect to see this leading lady everywhere on her non-stop ride to the top.

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