Daniella Monet

Daniella Is An Awesome Host!

Posted on Jul 15, 2013


Daniella Monet may be the new host of AwesomenessTV, but she's no newbie on the mic. When it comes to hosting, she's a seasoned pro! If you don't remember, she's lead multiple Kids' Choice Awards Orange Carpet pre-shows. Yup. This gal has got a total knack for acting and anchoring. "I've been told in the past that most actors aren't comfortable being hosts, but I kind of love doing a little bit of both," she told Fanlala.

Why Daniella Monet Is Awesome!

Posted on Jul 9, 2013

Daniella Monet Awesomness TV 1

You already know Daniella Monet is totally awesome, but do you know WHY? In case you need a little refresher, we're listing out all the things that make this gal so great. Rad reason number one? She's always on the go and being active! Daniella told Celebrity Teen Scoop, "I enjoy adventurous sports like motocross, martial arts, skateboarding, and camping."

Daniella's Fave Food!

Posted on Jun 25, 2013


Picking your favorite food sounds like a pretty impossible task, right? There's just so much of it, and it's all sooo good. But when a fan asked Daniella Monet about her favorite delish dish, she had no problem describing her fantasy food. So, what exactly does Daniella want a big bowl of?

Guess Who?

Posted on Jun 4, 2013

Nick Stars Daniella Monet Guess Who 1

Any undercover spies out there? Well, listen up! Your very first mission involves uncovering a very mysterious star whose identity is being kept a secret. The rules of this game are, we give you the classified hints, and you Guess Who. Got it? Here goes! First clue: When it comes to music, this multi-talented star loves jamming to every beat! In fact, for her, groovin' comes completely natural. She dished to AOL Kids, "I'm a self-taught dancer and, until this year, I've never taken a lesson."

Daniella Monet's BIO

Daniella Monet is no red carpet rookie. Before finally settling in as Trina Vega on Victorious, Daniella was a queen of cameos, making guest appearances on tons of hit TV shows, including Zoey 101. She also starred in big screen Hollywood hits like Nancy Drew and Taking 5. But this vivacious vet isn't ready to retire anytime soon. She's gearing up for another glowing role as Tootsie in the upcoming movie, A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner!. Hooray for Monet! She's no acting amateur. She's a lovable leading lady!

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