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Gracie Dzienny's 90 Degree Supah Move!

Posted on Jan 20, 2013

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In Supah Ninjas, Gracie Dzienny plays a gal who can drop kick just about any evil villain that comes her way. But even though she's got major fighting skills on screen, that doesn't mean she's a wimp in real life. She's got some major ninja moves of her own! In an interview with CelebSecrets4U, Gracie spilled on one of her wow-worthy supah tricks. Plus, she dished on how she preps for the show!

What Impresses The Supah Ninjas?

Posted on Jan 1, 2013

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Finding that oh-so-perfect crush can be tough. Not only do the stars have to be aligned just right, but in order for you to even know they exist, they've gotta catch your eye first! And everybody's got their own, personal crush-worthy criteria. Even in the celebrity world. Supah Ninjas stars Gracie Dzienny, Ryan Potter and Carlos Knight told Popstar! what exactly they look for in a guy/gal. And we're dishing you the deets. Check it out.

Gracie Dzienny is One of the Guys!

Posted on Dec 27, 2012

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Who ever said crime fighting was just for boys? Girls know how to kick butt, too! Take Gracie Dzienny, for example. She's got enough girl power to make even the darkest of villains cry for their mommy (it's true, we've seen it isn't pretty). But Gracie's Supah Ninjas counterpart, Amanda, isn't the only one who's cool with being one of the boys. Gracie spilled to Reel Film News about bonding with the guys on set and she even dished some deets on the Mike and Amanda saga.

Nick Stars at the 2012 HALO Awards!

Posted on Nov 19, 2012

The Nick Stars Decked Out For Halloween!

Posted on Oct 31, 2012


Gracie Dzienny's BIO

Look out Hollywood! We've got another supah starlet rising in the ranks. Gracie Dzienny just scored her first major role as the fierce fighting cheerleader, Amanda McKay, on Supah Ninjas. And this blonde bombshell can pack a mean punch on and off the set. Gracie first stepped into the limelight as a model at the age of five, but decided to pursue acting because she loves the challenge of playing different characters. But not only is she an awesome actress and beautiful supah model, but she's an award winning dancer too! She studies jazz, tap, ballet, and hip-hop. Good thing, because those moves must come in handy while fighting off all those ninja nemeses.

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