James Maslow

James Maslow Gets Slimed on Brainsurge!

Posted on Apr 28, 2011

James Maslow can now go by the name of Doctor James Maslow, because he's a complete expert when it comes to Brain Surgery! James squashed the out the starry competition when he put his wits to the test in a rambunctious round of Celebrity BrainSurge. But with every Nick victory, must come a slime-abration. So it was only fair that we slathered the genius in a gallon of goo.


Big Time Rush in London With Twenty Twenty!

Posted on Apr 27, 2011

The boys of Big Time Rush just love to break it down at a foreign fiesta! They've traveled all around the globe, performing for foreign fans and chillaxin' with their friends across the pond. And who could forget their Big Time European tour? But their royal reign abroad isn't over yet! The boys were spotted in London, England teaming up with British pop boy band, Twenty Twenty in another kickin' concert!


Big Time Crush: James Maslow & Emma Watson

Posted on Apr 1, 2011

James Maslow has had his eye on Emma Watson for ages. He's made no secret of it, chatting about her anytime he has an opportunity. Not a bad strategy to get a famous gal's attention!

Well, we love James, so we figured we'd save him a little trouble and connect him with Emma Watson through a game of six degrees of separation. If they can't connect in real life, at least we can sync up their careers! Here goes:


Big Time Backstory: James Maslow

Posted on Apr 1, 2011

Although he plays a total cool guy on Big Time Rush, James Maslow comes from a much more sophisticated background than you'd guess! The long-haired BTR boy actually got his start in opera, choir and theater. Hello Mr. Fancy Pants!


More Deets on Big Time Movie

Posted on Feb 24, 2011

James Maslow's BIO

Before he was James Diamond in Big Time Rush, James made his television debut as Shane in the iCarly episode "iSaw Him First"! By the time he hit Nickelodeon's air, he'd already got his start in operas and musicals, like Grease. JM Fun Fact: James has a scar on his elbow, that he received while performing a hockey-related stunt for the first episode of Big Time Rush. And we thought Carlos was the daredevil. Careful James! Your fans will be seriously devastated if you get another hockey hurt.

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