Jerry Trainor

Sinjin's Splashy Stunt!

Posted on May 26, 2011

Tori Vega may have attempted a day in the life of a stunt double (even though Beck had to fall for her, LOL), but we caught all the real-life stunt double action live on the set of iParty with Victorious. When Sinjin decides to dive into the party, he makes a serious splash (or, maybe it's more like a belly flop) right into the hottub with Jade, Spencer, Mr. Sikowitz, and Beck! But to pull of this dangerously daring stunt, Mikey Reid (who plays Sinjin in the show) had to take a seat on the sidelines. Hazardous stunts like these should ALWAYS be left to the professionals. And this professional stunt double made a fantastic free fall. Check out this behind-the-scenes video of the extreme stunt, and jump into the action!

Silly Set Shots: iCarly

Posted on May 24, 2011

If there was a contest for which Nick cast is the wackiest, the award would definitely go to the iCarly family. From Jerry Trainor's hilarious Spencer sculptures to Jennette McCurdy's outrageous one-liners as Sam Puckett, this show brings us the biggest laughs. And if you think the show is funny, just wait 'til you see what goes on backstage! These cooky comedians just love clowning around on set, and we've got some hilarious pics of them in action! Check 'em out.


iCarly Keeps Us LOL'ing All Day Long!

Posted on May 23, 2011

We hope you have some diapers leftover from your toddler years, cause you're about to laugh so hard that you just might need them! We're digging up our favorite Nick quotes that make us LOL so loud that you can hear our howling from a million miles away. So, it's only proper for us to let you in on the laughter, too. Check out our hilarious quote of the week and get ready to ROFL...Just please, no snorting.

The quote of the week this week comes from Carly's side-splittingly silly big brother Spencer on the wacky webshow iCarly.


Jerry Trainor's Top 5 Funniest Pics!

Posted on May 23, 2011

"Funny" is to "Jerry Trainor" like "jelly" is to "peanut butter". It's a perfect match! Jerry knows just how to give us the giggles, even if we're feeling down in the dumps. Well, we compiled a little gallery of Jerry's funniest poses and pics that are guaranteed to keep us cracking up! This guy is hysterical!


iParty Pics of the New Party Pals!

Posted on May 21, 2011

The casts of our two favorite shows are becoming besties! The stars of iCarly and Victorious have been hanging out for weeks behind the scenes, gearing up for the huge summer super show iParty with Victorious! And we've been catching all the friendship-forming fun. Just look at these awesome pics of the stars bonding on set!



Jerry Trainor's BIO

It's our favorite goofball on television! Jerry Trainor loves to make us laugh. And we love watching him. He scored mega fame as Spencer, the silly sculptor and big brother to Carly on iCarly. But he’s also known as the voice of Dudley Puppy on T.U.F.F Puppy, and now he can be seen wreaking havoc on the set of Wendell and Vinnie! Jerry always plays the accident-prone big kid. And we’ve gotta admit, he’s a natural!

If SpongeBob ruled the world...

that world would be full of Krabby Patties.


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