Kendall Schmidt

Big Time Rush's Goldfish

Posted on Jul 17, 2013


You already know there's one adorable critter who rides along on the Big Time Rush tour bus. But did you know James' puppy Fox might have some competition for the cutest pet on the Summer Break Tour? It turns out, the boys adopted another travel companion while on the road... one with a serious set of fins!

Guess The Lyrics

Posted on Jul 14, 2013

BTR 7-14 Guess The Lyrics 1

Mi-mi-mi! Okay, now that our chops are tuned and relaxed, it's time to use 'em! Get ready to sing your heart out, 'cause we're playing another round of, Guess the Lyrics! You know the rules... we show you the lyrics and you shout out who sings 'em! So are you ready to rock? Let's do this! Peep the lyrics below and take your best guess.

Victoria Pranked By BTR?

Posted on Jul 12, 2013

Victoria Prank BTR 1

Nick star Victoria Justice and the boys of Big Time Rush are super close pals. And now that they're traveling and performing together on their Summer Break Tour, they're even closer! But this friendship comes with a price: prank pulling! Victoria Justice spilled all about it to Fanlala and we're bringing you the deets.

BTR's Mashed Potato Marathon

Posted on Jul 10, 2013

BTR Mashed Potatoes 1

The boys of Big Time Rush are pretty much pro athletes. After dancing on stage 24/Seven, swimming laps or running a mile is a total piece of cake! But does this mean they could nab Olympic medals in any event on earth? Well, that's still up for debate. During an interview with Wonderwall MSN, a fan asked the guys a seriously syrupy, majorly mashed up question that had to do with some pretty odd activities...

Kendall Schmidt's BIO

When Kendall first started out on a commercial at age 6, we wonder if he dreamed that he'd someday be in the huge hit Nickelodeon show like Big Time Rush, and a mega-music star too! Kendall is the youngest member of BTR, but is no stranger to being the baby of the group. He was raised the youngest of four brothers (all of whom are actors, too!). Growing up with a all-star fam, it's no wonder Kendall's got fame in his genes!

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