Kira Kosarin

Jack and Kira Are Our Heroes!

Posted on Oct 21, 2013

Jack Kira Heroes 1

Jack Griffo and Kira Kosarin are like peas and carrots. Actually, maybe they're more like peas and grapefruit, 'cause they do play polar opposites on The Thundermans. Kira's character is all about getting straight As, while Jack's character spends most of his time hanging in his evil lair. But even though they're different, they've got one major thing in common. They're both heroes! And we're not just talking about their time on set. They're pretty awesome in real life too.

The Thundermans: Prank Alert

Posted on Oct 18, 2013

Thundermans Prank 1

Prank alert! Prank alert! We just got this snap in from Rosa Blasi, AKA Barb from The Thundermans and it looks like she's been totally fooled! Somebody left this weird, purple, stuffed unicorn thingy (...seriously, what is this thing?) in her dressing room as a goofy gag. But who could be the culprit? Jack Griffo? Kira Kosarin? Let the investigation begin...

Pizza Party Time!

Posted on Oct 18, 2013

Pizza Party 1

Nothing says, "time to party!" like a giant pizza pie. So, when the Nick celebs decide to get together for a full-blown shindig, of course there's gotta be pepperoni! The casts of The Thundermans, Haunted Hathaways and even some peeps from the shows Instant Mom and See Dad Run hung out and got their grub on this week on the studio lot. And yes, there may have been some silly string pranks. Hey, that's what parties are for!


Posted on Oct 15, 2013

Ever hear the one about the interrupting -- MOO! Sorry about that, but Thundermans star Kira Kosarin, along with her costars Diego Velazquez and Addison Riecke, is here to tell you this hilarious -- MOOO! Ahem, as we were saying, Kira is super funny on screen AND off, so definitely be sure to check out -- MOOOO! WOW, cows sure are impatient. You know what? Just watch the video!

Jack and Kira Hang On Set

Posted on Oct 15, 2013

Jack Kira Thundermans 1

The Thundermans stars Jack Griffo and Kira Kosarin have become the best of buds thanks to their time spent together on set. In fact, we could hardly find a snapshot of them NOT together! Just take a look at this dynamic duo.They may not be related IRL, but on set, they're just like family.

Kira Kosarin's BIO

Kira Kosarin is known best as the happy-go-lucky Phoebe Thunderman on The Thundermans. But when she isn't battling her superhero twin brother in a war of good versus evil, she's spreading her cheer to the real world! In fact, it's her bubbly personality that makes her a Hollywood shoe-in. And she's no rookie. Kira has starred in tons of movie shorts and even nabbed a guest spot on the show Shake It Up. Sounds like Kira's taking her superstardom up, UP, and AWAY!

SpongeBob's Instaclam!

The votes are in: SpongeBob and his fave sea-shell network are the most LOL-worthy!


The battle is BACK and this time it's in Bikini Bottom!