Lucas Cruikshank

Lucas Hates Cute Sneezing

Posted on May 6, 2013

Lucas Cruikshank Pet Peeve Sneezing 1

Ah-Ahhh-Ahhh, AH-CHOO!!! Sorry guys, we've got a case of the sniffles. But we'll try our best to keep it down, 'cause we heard a certain someone has a sneeze-y pet peeve! We're talking about Marvin, Marvin star, Lucas Cruikshank. He told Clevver TV that there's something about sneezes that gets on his last nerve! He also spilled tons of other fun facts when asked to give his rapid-fire answers to some this-or-that questions. Check out the recap of it all, below!

BTR Gives Their Aliens Names

Posted on Apr 28, 2013

BTR Alien Names 1

Beep, blip, bloop... BTR can you read us?! Okay, so maybe we haven't mastered the language of the Klerg just yet. But we thought we'd take a shot at communicating with Big Time Rush's alien alter egos. If you didn't know, Big Time Rush crash-landed on Marvin Marvin last night in the awesome hour-long episode, "Big Time Marvin!" And SPOILER ALERT: We found out that a group of Klerg was posing as the band all along!

BTR Lands On Planet Marvin!

Posted on Apr 26, 2013

BTR Marvin Marvin Special 1

Attention all humanoids! We're detecting a foreign presence on the set of Marvin Marvin. Hmm, we're sensing it's a musical presence. And we're getting a very high reading in the funny department. Okay okay, we know who this is. It's the boys of Big Time Rush! As you must already know, this Saturday night the BTR boys are guest-starring on a special hour-long episode of Marvin Marvin, "Big Time Marvin." And you know what that means... we're in for a lot (and we mean a LOT) of dancing!

BTR's Alien Guide

Posted on Apr 25, 2013


Living with an alien isn't the easiest thing in the universe. It definitely takes a lot of getting used to. Having someone in the house who can boil a pot of water with a touch of a finger? Yeah, that's weird. Helpful, but weird. Anyway, in case you didn't know, there's a mega event happening this weekend that's creating quite the buzz in our Milky Way. Big Time Rush is guest starring on Marvin, Marvin this Saturday! And just to help Logan, Carlos, Kendall and James adjust to life with a wacky alien, we decided to make them a little list of tips. BTR, here's our Alien Guide to you!

Meet Grandma Cruikshank!

Posted on Apr 12, 2013

Lucas Cruikshank Marvin Marvin Fun Facts 1

We heart our grandma as much as we heart presents on our birthday. Sure, she knits us some pretty ugly home-made sweaters for the holidays, but it's the thought that counts. Right? Anyway, we're not the only one with awesome grandparents. Lucas Cruikshank introduced us to his adorable granny while spilling some factoids about himself in his latest video blog. "One of my grandma's names is Patricia and she is a fashionable lady," he said.


Lucas Cruikshank's BIO

Lucas Cruikshank is a comedic actor who began his career making internet videos. You may recognize him as the quirky and high-pitched Fred Figglehorn (a character he created) from Fred: The Show. He has since appeared on numerous Nickelodeon productions such as iCarly and Supah Ninjas, and is considered to be one of the most watched internet stars in the world with close to two million YouTube subscribers on his Fred channel. He is currently the star of his very own show, Marvin Marvin!

Just Joking!

The Nick Stars share some classic jokes, try not to laugh!


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