Matt's Musical Advice!

Posted on Jul 11, 2013


When there's a song in your heart, and you need to let it out, what do you do? Here's Matt Bennett to the rescue! This victoriously musical dude chirped some advice about how the best melodies are made. "'All it takes to sing is a song!' -- something I really just said to my next door neighbor," Matt tweeted.

Matt's Odd Questions

Posted on Jul 6, 2013

Matt's Odd Questions 1

Victorious star Matt Bennett is a smart guy, but that doesn't mean he always has all the answers. In fact, he actually has tons of questions! Want to help Matt by answering some of his head-scratchers? Then read on!

Slime Throwback

Posted on Jul 1, 2013


The sun's high in the sky, and the summer heat is turning up. So what better way to cool off then with a soothing, slippery, SLIME shower! Lucky for you, new episodes of Figure It Out are on every single day this week, so you can get your green on at your convenience. And while you're ringing in the summer season with the slimy stuff, why don't you figure out if these throwback slime pics ring any bells? For instance, Max Schneider got a nice new green coat while he was on the panel last year!

Wacky Words of Wisdom

Posted on Jun 29, 2013

Wacky Words Of Wisdom 6-29-13 1

Let's face it -- life can be pretty confusing! And when this happens, sometimes all you need is a helpful hint or two. Well peeps, have no fear because today is your lucky day! Jennette McCurdy, Matt Bennett and Lucas Cruikshank have come to shed some light on things with their Wacky Words of Wisdom, right in the nick of time.

Wacky Wisdom 1: Give raisins some love! Jennette McCurdy chirped, "Raisins deserve more respect than they receive!! They are the elderlies of grapes."

Things Matt Loves

Posted on Jun 27, 2013


When you're a genius jokester like Matt Bennett, you can have a pretty unpredictable personality. However, there are some things we happen to know for sure that he totally adores. How do we know? We caught him chirping about them! For instance, Matt totally loves free deli meat: "#LoveIs when you're buying deli meat and they let you have one free test piece. That's love."


Matt Bennett's BIO

Matt Bennett might play a shy teen ventriloquist on Victorious, but in real life he's an energetic entertainer who's got Hollywood on his puppet strings. Before he scored his first major role as the performing puppeteer Robbie Shapiro, he was starring in small films and commercials. He even co-wrote is very own short film. And he's got some major comedy chops too! Even without Rex on his arm, the quick-witted Matt can make anyone laugh (even the dummies).

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