Matt Bennett

Matt's Wacky Words of Wisdom

Posted on Apr 10, 2013


Are you in need of some wise words? Is there a serious lack of silliness in your life? Then we've got just the thing for you! Matt Bennett took to the tweet trees to share some wacky words of wisdom, from the coolest place to hangout, to the best food for turning your frown upside down. Check out some of his wisest (and weirdest) words, right here!

Wacky Wisdom 1: If you wanna look awesome, chill out by the restrooms. Just watch out for the stench.
Matt tweeted, "Man, bathrooms are so cool. Everyone's always trying to get into them."

Why The Funny Face?

Posted on Apr 5, 2013

Matt Face 1

Why is Matt Bennett making this totally funky face? We're here to investigate. We found this hilarious pic of Matt making a silly scowl, and we need your help figuring out what exactly is causing this look! Ready to play Why the Funny Face? Here goes...

Victoria Justice: Fact or Fiction

Posted on Apr 2, 2013


Did Victoria Justice and Daniella Monet defy gravity together while hanging out at space camp? This is a question we just have to know the answer to! After Victoria Justice held a Fact or Fiction competition in the tweet trees, we were left wondering what was really true and what was totally bogus. Victoria began, "Hey guys! Who wants to play a game? I'm going to tweet something and you have to tell me whether u think it's #FactOrFiction. Ready?" And then, she started chirping out tons of funny (and possibly fake) facts like, "#FactOrFiction Before @daniellamonet was cast as Trina Vega on Victorious, we attended Space Camp together in 2009."

Silly Celebrity Dreams: Evil Ariana?

Posted on Mar 31, 2013

Weird Celebrity Dreams Matt Bennett 1

Dreams can be pretty strange sometimes. And when you're hanging on a wacky Hollywood set all day, they can get even weirder! Some of our fave celebs have been cooking up some kooky stuff while snoring in their PJs. Take Matt Bennett, for example. All those shenanigans going down at Hollywood Arts have caused this superstar to have some pretty odd snoozes.

Awkward Moments

Posted on Mar 30, 2013

Awkward Moments Jennette McCurdy 1

Remember that time you walked out of the bathroom with toilet paper stuck on your shoe? Or when you told your funniest joke and all you heard was crickets? Yeah...THAT was awkward. But hey, you're not alone. Awkward moments happen to all of us. Even to our fave celebs. In fact, we noticed some hilariously awkward tidbits coming from three of our most beloved stars, Jennette McCurdy, Matt Bennett and Lucas Cruikshank. Check out their cringe-worthy tweet confessions!


Matt Bennett's BIO

Matt Bennett might play a shy teen ventriloquist on Victorious, but in real life he's an energetic entertainer who's got Hollywood on his puppet strings. Before he scored his first major role as the performing puppeteer Robbie Shapiro, he was starring in small films and commercials. He even co-wrote is very own short film. And he's got some major comedy chops too! Even without Rex on his arm, the quick-witted Matt can make anyone laugh (even the dummies).

Poodle Tawk

Pawla the dog has poodles to talk about at the hair salon.

Defend Your Kingdom!

Test your skills in this EPIC tower defense game featuring your favorite Nick stars.