Max Schneider

Slime Throwback

Posted on Jul 1, 2013


The sun's high in the sky, and the summer heat is turning up. So what better way to cool off then with a soothing, slippery, SLIME shower! Lucky for you, new episodes of Figure It Out are on every single day this week, so you can get your green on at your convenience. And while you're ringing in the summer season with the slimy stuff, why don't you figure out if these throwback slime pics ring any bells? For instance, Max Schneider got a nice new green coat while he was on the panel last year!

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Max Schneider's BIO

Make way for triple threat, Max Schneider! He started out in the biz on Broadway, starring in the musical 13 (which also kicked off careers for Ariana Grande and Liz Gillies). He's a suberb songwriter with one serious set of pipes. And now he's using his musical chops to show us How to Rock with Cymphonique Miller. Catch him jamming out with Gravity 5 as Zander, and keep your eyes (and ears) out for this rising star!

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