Baby Nathan

Posted on Apr 15, 2013


Can you believe Carly spanned a stunning seven seasons? It's true, time really flies when you're watching the best web-show on Earth. And while we were growing up with these guys, they were growing up themselves... a LOT. In an interview with ClevverTV, the gang took a look at pics of their younger days and they were all shocked by one little guy that was totally transformed! And his name is Nathan Kress. Nathan dished, "I wasn't even five feet tall when we started the show! So between season one and two I think I grew about four inches."

Nathan Trapped on a Desert Island?!

Posted on Apr 8, 2013

Nathan Trapped On A Desert Island 1

If you were exiled onto a deserted island for life, what would you bring with you? Your BFF? Your cellular? A tub of mac and cheese? Well, hopefully you'll never find yourself solo on a tiny pile of sand in the middle of the ocean. But just in case you do, Nathan Kress has got some words of wisdom for you. When ClevverTV asked him what three things he'd bring along if suddenly trapped on a deserted island, he stuck to the bare basics.

Why The Funny Face?

Posted on Mar 28, 2013

Nathan Kress Why The Funny Face 1

We all make funny faces sometimes. But there's always a reason! Maybe we're posing for a wacky pic, maybe we smell something funky, or possibly, we made the funny face for so long it got permanently stuck! Just kidding, that can't really happen (can it?). Anyway, we found this hilarious pic of Nathan Kress looking silly and we just had to ask... Why the funny face?

Weird News of the Week

Posted on Mar 19, 2013

weird news nathan 1

Ready to hear something totally bananas? Good. 'Cause it's time for the weird news of the week update! This week's wild and crazy headline has to do with iCarly's tech extraordinaire, Nathan Kress. What has this awesome actor been up to since ringing in his final episode as Freddie Benson? Let's just say he's been doing a lot with his time...

Nathan Kress' Quiff Quotes

Posted on Feb 13, 2013

Blog Image Kress Quiff Image 1 New

If you're a well known twitizen, then you know Nathan Kress' chirps, well. But did you know that Nathan's got a mop that likes to talk? It's true! And it goes by the name of 'The Kress Quiff'. Now, we know what you're thinking...'What in the world is a quiff?' But not to worry. We conducted a little Nick Stars investigation and found that a 'quiff', by definition, is a piece of hair (particularly boys' hair) that brushes upward and backward from one's forehead. And apparently, Nathan's high-climbing mane has got a mind of its own...


Nathan Kress's BIO

We know and love Nathan Kress as the super sweet videographer Freddie on iCarly. And we heart him even more for giving us the most fan-tabulous love triangle on the tube. But before he was cast as a witty web pal, he was the voice of some of our favorite toons! He lent his voice to animated roles in the film Chicken Little and the Nick series Shuriken School. But Nathan was discovered on the set of Drake & Josh! When the creator of iCarly spotted him filming a small role in the series, he realized Nathan was destined for super stardom as the fun-loving Freddie. And the rest was history!

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