1D's Rise to Fame (The X-factor Story)

Posted on Mar 29, 2012


Everyone is so crazed over the new Brit boys, One Direction, that we can barely believe it's been only two years since the band was formed! But it's true. The guys of 1D first got together in 2010. But they didn't find one another the old fashioned way, they became a band with millions of viewers watching! The guys met and formed on the UK show, The X-Factor. But the creation of this humungo pop phenomenon wasn't easy...


The five guys actually auditioned separately (as solo acts), for the seventh season of the show. But it was only after each of them failed to make the "Boys" category in the boot-camp round, that the band actually developed. It was a suggestion by guest judge, Nicole Scherzinger, that the guys form a group so that they could qualify for the "Groups" category and move on in the competition.


And move on they did! Although the guys placed third in the show, they were soon signed to Simon Cowell's record label Syco Records. And the rest is history! After blowing up in the UK, the guys headed to the States where they signed on with Columbia and kicked off their tour with Big Time Rush.

Now, they're pretty comfy headed in the only Direction they know how...UP!


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