BTR's New Year's Resolutions

Posted on Nov 1, 2012

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When the weather outside is's time to relocate to the beach! That's what James Maslow and Carlos Pena have planned for this coming new year, and they chatted all about it to ClevverTV.

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The winter winds are just beginning to howl, but James is already thinking about how to get that perfect summer tan. For all of you Rushers who don't already know this, James is a huge fan of surfing! That's why this new year, he wants to spend as much time as he can in cool blue waters. "I'm just trying to surf as much as I can 'cause it's one of the biggest things that calms me down and relaxes me and I always say I wanna go out and I just don't go as much as I used to." Well James, now you have a full new year to catch that perfect wave!

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Carlos, on the other hand, has high hopes for a year filled with many far off destinations. His resolution involves taking "every vacation that I possibly can," he said. "If it's like a Saturday-Sunday or half a Saturday, I just gotta do it."

While both guys have amazing resolutions for the coming new year, we can't help but wonder, is there another Big Time tour in the works?


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