Behind the Scenes Pics of Figure It Out!

Posted on Oct 24, 2012


Who's ready for another round of behind-the-scenes Figure It Out pics? 'Cause they're comin' at you right now! The past couple episodes of this hilarious guessing game show have been particularly slime-tastic. So, we thought we'd share some of the latest (and gooiest) snap shots with the world. Check it!


Ana Mulvoy-Ten, AKA Amber from House of Anubis, was looking as adorable as ever while playing with some silly slime in between takes.


And Matt Bennett wore his goo-ey green duds with pride after getting a slime shower in front of the live studio audience.


And speaking of the live studio audience, they were in for quite the slurprise when Matt decided to run off stage and into the crowd. Slime monster attack!!


Noah Munck, Max Schneider and the rest of the FIO crew looked like they were having a blast getting slime-faced this season. And we had a grand old time watching it happen! Don't miss even MORE episodes of Figure It Out every week night at 7/6c.

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