Funny Tweet Roundup: Jennette McCurdy

Posted on Oct 2, 2012


Who's one of the funniest iCarly hosts you know? That's easy...Jennette McCurdy! She may be known for her wacky one-liners and grub gobbling on the show, but she's a real-life food-fanatic and joke-maker, too. How do we know? She tweets about food and funnies all the time! And we've decided to bring some of these amazing Jennette jokes to your front door. So reach for some bacon, get ready for one serious laugh-fest and peep her most hilarious chirps, below!


1. "Every time 'sounds good' autocorrects to "sounds food" I leave it because food is better than good."
2. "#momisms. the cellphone is on speaker, but she's still puttin it up to her ear."
3. "The concert shuffle will never look good, so why don't we all agree to stop timidly swaying our hips and clapping off beat."
4. "I'm at the beach, and a child just threw a piece of seaweed at me. I yelled at him. He cried. The end."
5. "To the woman with jeans & a dog in the gym, I am mad at you for stealing "my" stationary bike.. Also for having jeans and a dog in the gym."

We'd have to agree, "sounds food" does make a delicious replacement for "sounds good." And if anyone can make that a text trend, Jennette can!


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