Happy Birthday Liam Payne!

Posted on Aug 29, 2012


Is there anyone on this earth that doesn't love the five boys of One Direction? We think not. And although we spend just about every day of our lives talking about how awesome this Brit band is, today is particularly special. 'Cause it's the birthday of one of the group's most adorable members, Liam Payne! So, apart from sporting triangle hats and throwing confetti in the air, we thought we'd celebrate this festive day by listing the five reasons why we love Liam most. Hear goes...


1. His accent. Liam calls suspenders braces and sneakers trainers. There's no way you can't love that.
2. His pipes. This one's a no brain-er, but still worth listing! It is the reason why he scored a spot in the band, after all.
3. His maturity. Liam is known as the wise one in the group. That's probably how he scored his nickname as the Dad of the band.
4. He's a fish! Okay, he's not actually a fish. But we heart how great of a swimmer Liam is! Did you know he once won a swimming competition and he has big plans to teach fellow band member, Zayn Malik, how to navigate the waters? True story.
5. His style. All the guys of 1D have serious fashion sense, and it scores major points on our celebrity cool-meter.


Now that we've listed the top five reasons why Liam is so awesome, there's just one thing left to do. Show him some bday love! Happy birthday Liam!!

Oh, and in case you didn't know, Liam shares his special day with another Nick celeb, Lucas Cruikshank (AKA Fred). So make sure to give the webby all-star some props, too. In the words of Liam, "There's alot of birthdays in augusttt!"

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