Happy Birthday Liz Gillies!

Posted on Jul 26, 2012


Today, Jade can take a break from tormenting Tori and start celebrating in style, because it's Liz Gillies' birthday! And we expect she's going to have the best one yet, 'cause last month she received one of the best gifts a young gal can get: her driver's license! We're rooting for Liz to get a brand new set of wheels as a reward for her road expertise ;)


And a perk to working with an awesome cast like Victorious is knowing you'll always have pals to share in your birthday spirit! Real-life BFF Ariana Grande sent some Liz-love down the tweetstream: "Wanna be one of the first to wish Liz Gillies a happy birthday. I love you girl. <3"

Awww, we love Liz too! And we hope she has the most victorious birthday yet. Express your Liz-love in the comments below!

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