James Diamond Gets A Girlfriend?!

Posted on Oct 5, 2012


When it comes to Big Time girlfriends, Kendall Knight has been leading the race (Jo, Lucy, we can barely keep up!). But according to James Maslow, there's a new guy in the gang that might have a love connection in his future...James Diamond! In an interview with Cambio, James spilled some deets on the new season this fall and what he thinks is up next for his on-screen counterpart.


"Every season we've tried to progress and get bigger with more guest stars and more action, more fun," he said. "So, hopefully we'll have some great people joining us." Hey, new guest stars means loads of possible new romances right? Well, James continued, "I feel like, this is [a new] season, we might find some more relationships. Maybe James Diamond gets a girlfriend...that might be fun."

James Diamond finding his diamond in the rough? We're all for that plan! But who should this mystery girl be? James has an idea..."Maybe Emma Watson," he said. "She'd be pretty cool." We agree!


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