Leon Thomas Makes A Home Run Appearance At The Mets

Posted on Sep 28, 2012


Leon Thomas took to the east coast this week to visit the Big Apple and to make a special appearance at the New York Mets game. And boy did he have a ball! After arriving in the city, Leon chirped, "Man I missed New York... Lovin' #NYC." But it wasn't all sight-seeing and chillaxing in the concrete jungle. Soon after Leon landed, he was off to throw the first pitch of the game in front of a crowd of screaming fans!


Leon isn't afraid to admit, he's not exactly an MLB all-star. "Just bounced the first pitch ...," he chirped. "-__- #musicianonthefield lol." But we still think he hit a home run with his rockin' musical performance and adorable fan meet and greet!


And it turns out, Leon's a bit of a fan himself! He tweeted out, "Let's go Mets !!!!" during the game. But who stood by him in the stands as he enjoyed some of America's favorite pastime? Who else? His brand new pals (and Nick newbies), the four green pizza-gobbling sewer-bros, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! It looks like this day turned out to be all fun and games for Leon and friends. Cowabunga!

And PS - If you wanna catch Leon's new pals in their Nick debut, don't forget to tune in when Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles premieres this Saturday!

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