Style File: Max Schneider

Posted on Aug 10, 2012


Yes, Max Schneider is great at singing and playing instruments, but did you know that he's also a master of personal wardrobe? Max likes to keep it simple and cool at most of the events that he attends, and boy, is it working for him! Check out some of his best fashion choices below when we file his style.


Max can make any simple outfit sleek with the addition of a tie. Here's a perfect example, where he dresses up his shirt with the perfect purple accent!


Max made sure to stay comfortable but still look cool at Worldwide Day Of Play. This simple striped shirt worked great for a day filled with activities.


Max rocked this green jacket with a great pair of jeans. Being casual never looked so stylish!


Max styled up this blazer with a great striped tie. And did we mention his picture perfect smile brightens up all of his outfits?


In this snap shot, Max is rocking another blazer. But he spices it up with a scarlet plaid number, which just-so-happens to match his guitar. Rock on!

Max makes looking cool look easy. That's why we thought his trendy threads were due for a second look. What do you think of this star's superb style?


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