Fashion Flashback With Victoria Justice!

Posted on Jan 1, 2013

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We're all guilty of a few fashion faux pas. And we become especially aware of them when we page back to our fashion photos of the past (gasp!). Big hair, embarrassing jeans, ugly sweaters gifted to you from granny...we've all worn it. And usually, we're lucky enough to keep those moments locked far, far away in our memories. But in a recent interview with Clever TV, Victoria Justice was forced to relive it all! She went through tons of her trends from the past, and dished the deets. But was she pleasantly surprised, or was she left screaming, 'What was I thinking?!'

She started off dishing on this adorable ensemble she rocked to the Footloose premiere. "I really loved this dress," she explained. "It had some cut outs, which I thought were really cool. And I love the color blocking." But not only did Victoria turn heads with this fashion do, but she also showed that it's all about effortless beauty on the red carpet. "...What's crazy about this is I rushed and did my own hair and makeup," Victoria admitted. "I was rehearsing that day on the set of Victorious and I had to rush from my dressing room to get in the car to go to the premiere..." We never noticed!

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Next up was this throwback pair of acid wash jeans, as seen on the Victorious set. "This is the outfit I performed 'Freak The Freak Out' in," Victoria said. "Tori Vega has been wearing some really cool jeans lately."

Props to the wardrobe department for this look, which Victoria described as "a really cute performance outfit."

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But what about the outfit Victoria sported for the Worldwide Day of Play party last year? Turns out, the starlet had no regrets about this flawless ensemble either. "Sometimes it's nice to keep it simple and chic, and I kinda like that about this outfit." We agree!

When it comes to fashion, Victoria is always on point, from past to present! So, to avoid any OMG-I-can't-believe-I-wore-that moments in your future, just model your trendy threads on this gal from Hollywood Arts. You'll thank us later.

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