Happy Birthday Miranda!

Posted on May 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Miranda Cosgrove 1

Aren't birthdays swell? You get an entire day completely dedicated to you, plus all the sweet treats you can eat! It really doesn't get any better than that. And today Miranda Cosgrove will bask in all the birthday glory, 'cause it's her big day! But how are we celebrating? We're joining in on the fun by listing some of her best birthday factoids, that's how. Check 'em out!

Happy Birthday Miranda Cosgrove 2

Bday Fun Fact 1: Miranda's best gift ever was a tree-house!
Bday Fun Fact 2: Miranda might be making her own birthday treats today! In an interview with US Magazine, Miranda dished, "I've been known to make cupcakes in the middle of the night."
Bday Fun Fact 3: It's all about her BFFs! Miranda told FanlalaTV that her favorite part about birthdays is, "getting to hang out with my friends!"
Bday Fun Fact 4: Miranda loves to celebrate her pets' birthdays too! She told US Magazine, "I once had a birthday party for my cat."

That's all the facts we've got, so let's skip to wishing this birthday gal the best day ever. Happy birthday Miranda!


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