Guess The Pumpkin

Posted on Oct 30, 2013

Guess The Pumpkin 1

Halloween is almost here and your favorite Nick stars carved some super stellar jack-o-lanterns to celebrate! But there's a problem with these pumpkins: they don't have names! Think you can figure out whose is whose?

Is that a fly swatter? No, this squash features some sort of patty-flipping device. It's a spatula! But who would carve such a thing? Can you guess?

Guess The Pumpkin 2

The owner of this pumpkin clearly has one thing on the brain: Bibble. But who thinks about this snack so much that they would carve its sculpture out of gourd guts?

Guess The Pumpkin 3

We give this pumpkin 5 stars, since only an artist of extreme creativity and intelligence could create such a masterpiece. What does it MEAN?

Guess The Pumpkin 4

This jack-o-lantern is the first in its class, and the owner must be too! It's clearly someone who is super smart! And probably super competitive...

Guess The Pumpkin 5

Ahh! To be frank, this ghostly gourd scared us! Only someone with a love for the supernatural and spooky would make something so haunting. But who? WHO?

Guess The Pumpkin 6

This pumpkin looks good enough to eat! Don't you just want to sit down and bite into those baby back ribs? Hmm, sit, baby, sit... Are we on to something? Nah, probably not.

Think you solved this spooky secret? Get the answers below!

Guess The Pumpkin 7

Remember that spatula on the first pumpkin? It was done by the one and only SpongeBob Squarepants! Blame it on the day job. The bag of Bibble could only be carved by ONE person, Cat Valentine! It's her favorite food-group, after all. Let's face it: Patrick Star is the only one in the world who would carve a pumpkin...on a pumpkin. The A++ gourd was done by Phoebe Thunderman, the only gal to win first place in something that wasn't even a contest. The boo-tiful pumpkin with the ghost was made by none-other than Frankie Hathaway! We wonder if Louie was her model?And last but not least, the rib-o-lantern belongs to foodie, Sam Puckett. We can't be sure, but there's a very good chance she was eating while carving.

Hope this game got you into the spooky spirit of the season! Have a Happy Halloween!

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