Tour Miranda's House!

Posted on Sep 3, 2013

Miranda Cosgrove Talks House 1

Want a sneak peek inside a mega celebrity mansion? Well, iCarly vet Miranda Cosgrove just spilled the deets on her new home sweet home, and we're here to share it all. Miranda told Glamour about her crib, and was nice enough to include some of her best decorating tips! So, if you're thinking of a room re-do, or just wanna hear how glam Miranda's Hollywood pad is, then read on!

Miranda Cosgrove Talks House 2

So where does Miranda hang when she's in need of some R&R? Her den! "It's cozy! I'll do homework in [there]... or pile onto the couch with friends to watch movies or play games," she said. And as for the decor, Miranda's all about the color! "At first I gravitated toward boring colors -- lots of white," Miranda admitted. "Then I found the blue couch. From there I had a blast picking pillows: some blue and some in my accent color -- very important -- burnt orange."

Miranda Cosgrove Talks House 3

And if you're having trouble picking the perfect colors for your room makeover, just take some of Miranda's advice, "Don't decorate all at once... decide what you need, then hunt for things you genuinely like." We can picture Miranda's beautiful mansion perfectly in our minds... A relaxing, colorful hideaway with tons of fluffy pillows! Sounds like a dream come true to us.


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