Ariana At The Grammys!

Posted on Jan 30, 2014

Ariana At The Grammys 1

The 56th Annual Grammy Awards were packed with awesome stars, artists and musicians. And, of course, that includes Sam and Cat's Ariana Grande! She looked totally stylish, rocking the red carpet in a beautiful floral gown. Talk about an attention grabbing get-up!

Ariana At the Grammys 2

She topped off her look with an adorable red manicure and some funky rings. You really have to hand it to Ariana, she sure knows how to accessorize.

Ariana At the Grammys 3

But Ariana didn't only shine on the red carpet. She also soaked up the spotlight on stage. Singing, acting or presenting, this gal is always entertaining.

Ariana At the Grammys 4

Before the night was over, Ariana got the amazing chance to give away an award! Getting or gifting a Grammy is a huge honor, especially when it comes from one awesome artist to another. But who needs nominations? When Ariana's in the building, everybody wins!


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