Bravo, Ciara Bravo!

Posted on Oct 2, 2013

Why We Love Ciara 1

We can think of a million reasons why we heart Ciara Bravo. But today, we're bringing you the top five! Read on to learn why the leading lady of the upcoming flick Jinxed totally rocks our socks.

Why We Love Ciara 2

5. She's a BOSS. You don't want to mess with this missy, trust us. Ciara first became famous for getting exactly what she wanted, when she wanted, as Kendall's hip 'lil sis on Big Time Rush. And not much has changed since! What Ciara says, goes.

Why We Love Ciara 3

4. She's BFFs with BTR. She's shared a screen with the guys for years! So, they're practically family. We even caught her hanging with Kendall behind the scenes of this year's Worldwide Day of Play. Adorable (and so so lucky)!

Why We Love Ciara 4

3. She's a small town gal with big dreams. Ciara is originally from the great state of Ohio, but she relocated to Hollywood to see her name in shining lights. Now the stage is her new home sweet home!

Why We Love Ciara 5

2. She's got a voice! Not only has Ciara perfected her mega-pipes screaming after the BTR boys, but she actually started out as a voice actress. Her vocal skills can be heard in movies such as Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas and Open Season 3. She even guest starred as the voice of Hunter in The Penguins of Madagascar!

Why We Love Ciara 5

1. She knows how to be slimed. AKA, she's already got the most important thing down, when it comes to being a Nick celeb. Anyone who's been slimed is that much more awesome, so when Ciara got drenched in green goo on Figure It Out, her cool points tripled!

If you didn't think you could love Ciara Bravo any more, you clearly thought wrong! And after the premiere of her new movie, Jinxed this fall, well, we'll have to bump this list up to 10.

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