Guess the Guest: iCarly

Posted on Jul 25, 2012


It's time for another round of Guess the Guest. And this time, were calling on all you iCarly fanatics to step up to the plate! You know the drill...we serve you the clues and you try to figure out who the mystery guest is! But we thought we'd spice it up this week with a bit of a throwback eppy. So, get your thinking caps (and Penny Tees) on and get ready to Guess the Guest from iCarly!


This guest star played a mean, lean fighting machine...

This guest star also has her own Nickelodeon show...

Freddie had a bit of a crush on this guest star's character...

This guest star has actually made an appearance in TWO iCarly episodes...

This guest admits she's afraid of the dark...

Alrighty, time's up! And the guest star is (drum roll please)....


Victorious' leading lady, Victoria Justice!!!

Vic guest starred on the iCarly episode "iFight Shelby Marx" as an aggressive MMA-fighter! Her character, Shelby Marx, was such a fierce fighter, she made Carly and the gang squirm with fear. But when Carly and Shelby took to the ring, Carly made it out alive, unlike many of Shelby's other opponents! (Phew).

And in case you were wondering which other episode Vic starred on, we've got that answer, too. It was iParty With Victorious! But the second time around, Victoria appeared in Tori-form (although she did strike a pretty similar resemblance to Shelby).

So, did you guess correct or were you left completely stumped? Either way, be sure to look out for the next Guess the Guest and put your knowledge to the test!

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