Guess the Guest: Victorious

Posted on Aug 22, 2012


Calling all trivia masters! It's time for one of our fave brain-busting games, Guess the Guest! And this week, we're quizzing your smarts on the halls of Hollywood Arts. Do you know all the cool cameos that have made it shine alongside the cast of Victorious? Well, here's your chance to take the test. We'll dish out the clues and you give us your best guess on who you think is the mystery guest. Ready to play? Here goes...


When Tori first met this cameo character, she found her crying in the bathroom while eating a sandwich.
This cameo character likes to keep odd objects in her backpack.
This actress also has a permanent gig on another ultra-popular Nick show.
This isn't the first time this actress has appeared as a guest on the Victorious set!
This cameo character was once kicked out of Hollywood Arts.

Think you've got the answer? Either way, it's time to guess! 'Cause this mystery cameo goes by the name of...


Jennette McCurdy!! Jennette made her second appearance on Victorious in the episode, "Crazy Ponnie," where she played ex-performance-arts-high-schooler Fawn Liebowitz (her first appearance on the show was in the cross-over spectacular iParty with Victorious). And even though Tori may have been a bit freaked out by Jennette's kooky character, Victoria Justice and crew were more than happy to have Jennette back on set!

Did you Guess the Guest correctly? Well, even if you didn't, there's always another chance to play! Don't miss next week's cameo quiz and keep an eye on your fave shows for any new celebrity guest stars. You never know when one might show up sporting wild glasses and a funky wig! LOL.


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