Alien Invasion!

Posted on Apr 5, 2013

Marvin Marvin Alien Invasion 1

It's an alien invasion!! Well, not really. Don't freak out or anything. We are doing something out-of-this-world, though. We're making our fave stars into aliens! We heart Lucas Cruikshank as Marvin so much, we started wondering, what would it be like if more of our beloved Nick stars turned martian? What planets would they hail from? What would they eat? Would they have three sets of eyes?! Check it out.

Marvin Marvin Alien Invasion 2

So, if Victoria Justice was born alien instead of human, we think she'd be a seven-armed high schooler from the planet Scruff. Her home planet would get its name from the main fashion trend of its people... everyone would sport mustaches 24/7!

Marvin Marvin Alien Invasion 3

And if Noah Munck was an alien, he'd be from planet Gibbyonium and everyone would ride around on unicorns. Think that's weird? Well, Gibby loves unicorns! Also, this is a far off planet we're talking about here. It's gotta be wacky! Also, everyone on Gibbyonium would be known for going shirtless. Just like Gibby.

If you were from a far off planet, what would it be like? To get some hints about your dream outer space world and to see how martians really live, make sure to tune in to Marvin, Marvin this Saturday. You might not spot any non-Earthlings from Scruff or Gibbyonium, but we think Klootonians are just as cool.

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